8 Foundational Concepts you should know in the Digital World

We hear lots of concepts especially when you are dealing with transformation, business advisory, and the digital community in general. Lots of concepts from business scenarios, business cases, use cases, digital capabilities, business function, and lots of other words that sometimes people understand differently and find a bit confusing what are those concepts really mean, especially since there are no widely accepted definitions and you can have lots of perspective around that.

Today, I would like to go through some of them as I found that many people even professionals are struggling in finding the difference between many of those concepts. Count me one of them as well, especially when they are misplaced and people consider them like tacit known concepts.

I would love to hear your perspective of how do you perceive those terminologies as well, maybe we can set the ground definition 😉

My recommendation is if you feel there is confusion, try to agree on the definition with your working group, your customer, or your employees that will help a lot to make sure that you have a common understanding when mentioning a specific concept that this is what meant by it.

Let us explore those terminologies

1- Business

It is an organization that makes, buys, or sells products or services. Yes, simple like that.

The government, for example, is making and providing services for citizens, and banks are making services, such as loans, saving accounts, …etc. Those can be called out as the business side which defines the core of that organization is doing and performing every day. Its core can be policy-making, agriculture, manufacturing, retails, software development, …etc.

In the enterprise architecture world, Business is the enterprise, it can be the whole enterprise or a sub-unit or department as well. You can define the scope and its limitation.

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Lessons learned from “CONSULTATIVE SELLING” Book

Consultative Selling

The Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels, 7th Edition by Mack Hanan is mainly targeting sales representatives to provide a specific and consistently successful approach and techniques for better sales.

I read the book and I found that it very helpful and useful for sales representatives.

Personally, I have met a lot of salespeople who are selling without knowing anything about the customer needs, challenges, or strategies and they are selling products features without presenting the true added value of these products. I think you may have faced the same, especially with the infrastructure and equipment vendors.

The book offers some useful techniques and tips to enhance the selling process and make it a value-driven process for both the customer and the seller. I think most of the big companies are using similar approaches and techniques mentioned in the book with different flavors.

I tried to summarize the key points which I think are important to others while I do recommend reading this book.  Here are the key lessons I learned from this book

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